• The Ring light

My first favourite tool has to be my Ring Light which I only recently purchased from amazon, it just has the one brightness setting but you can move closer in or further for the same effect, I originally brought it to use with my canon camera but the quality with my iPhone 6s is pretty amazing so I’m yet to try it with my camera.

I brought the light on its own as I had a stand but you can pick one up from amazon for about £15, the light cost around £60 and is well worth the money especially if you are a beauty blog as the light is best for  close up photos!


  • Lazy Arm

Next on the list is the Lazy Arm only £5.99 from ebay but a great little gadget for blogging, its super bendy and can clip onto most things which means you don’t have to hold your iPhone! if your getting one of these i highly recommend buying a remote trigger so u can control your iPhone by remote control


  • Selfie Stick

It go’s without saying, the selfie stick! If you don’t have one you need one, its great for getting outfit details also great to use with the remote control for more freedom.


  • Apps

Where would we be without our apps! My two current favs have to be Facetune‘ and Afterlight‘ I think they are both a few pounds from the app store but well worth it!! Facetune is great for smoothing skin, fixing blemishes and brightening areas. Afterlight has all the regular tools u need, brightening/contrast etc but it also has some really good filters, some of my favourites are Mulberry’, Magnolia’, and Hollow’. You can double up on filters or sometimes I might just use 50% of a filter for a less drastic change.


Here is a few images where I have used the tools! The Light was used in all photos….

image1-6 image3-2



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  1. Miki February 15, 2016 / 6:43 am

    Great list. I only recently came across the ring light and might consider that for flat lays or when I start doing YouTube videos.

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