Cheeky Filler @Simply:me_aesthetics

I recently had a treatment done with Simplyme_aesthetics, I felt my top lip was smaller than my bottom and wanted to even them out. I was curious about procedure and had a few questions I wanted to ask before jumping into it.

I’m aware not a lot of people talk openly about getting treatments but I thought I would be open and honest so everyone knows what to expect should you ever want to take plunge.

Rory at Simplyme_aesthetics talked me through the procedure prior to starting the treatment and explained in detail what to expect from the treatment and what options I had with regards to sizing and shape, I felt at ease at this point and was ready to go ahead!!

I was worried about how the treatment would be, would it be painful? However it was actually ok apart from a little sting here and there. I felt comfortable throughout and Rory showed me the progress of the injection as we were going so that I could get the exact look I wanted.

I did swell and I did bruise, this is normal, so don’t panic girls it goes down!! It takes about 2-3 days for most of the swelling to go then up to about two weeks for the filler to actually settle in and feel completely natural.

Really happy with the results, hope this helps anyone who was curious! You can check out Simplyme_aesthetics on Instagram for pics and vids of the treatment!

See below a selfie of me before the filler and after! Clearly haven’t updated my pose! lol





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