Skin Doctors UK Review

I have never really had a great skin routine, I tend to try a product here and there but never really stick to one brand. I recently came across the brand Skin Doctors UK and decided to take the plunge with some of their anti ageing products! Seen as I’m not getting any younger lol

I have been looking for something I can use on a long term basis and so far I’m so pleased! I have four products in total, The Instant Eye Lift, The Exfoliating Crystals, Instant Facelift and The Beelift.

I start by using The Exfoliating Crystals, this can be used on the face and body but I’m only using it on my face at the moment, this product leaves my skin so soft and removes any dead skin from my face.

Then I alternate between The Instant Eye Lift and Instant Facelift, I have used the facelift mostly but If I have had a late night and I’m suffering from bags then I go for the Eye lift! Both products feel great on my skin, you can feel your skin tightening after using the products and the Face Lift is great to apply just before your make up as it leaves your skin with a matt finish!

Lastly I apply The Beelift Cream which is probably my favourite product, it smells lush, you don’t need a lot of the product when applying and I’m loving all the natural ingredients, this has left my skin firmer! My mum is always stealing this to she loves it! lol





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