Pulse Light Clinic – My Hair Removal Experience

So I’ve had four sessions of laser hair removal at The Pulse Light Clinic and I’m genuinely impressed with the results! a few days after each session all the hairs fall out which leaves you pretty much hair free for a while, which is fab! The hair dose then grow back with its next cycle as aspected.

I was so sick of shaving everyday my hair grows super quick and fairly dark so its pretty noticeable, I didn’t have to worry about this after the first session though the hairs that did grow back where finer and not as quick! I also suffered with ingrowing hairs which I haven’t had since starting,

This something I will be getting on my legs and bikini line next for sure! I’ve booked in for one more session which will bring me to five and should be a sufficient amount for my case but bare in mind the amount of sessions will vary on the client.

Ive added the details below just so you guys know the actual processing and prices etc…

Information about my treatment: 
  • The laser that was used is the Alexandrite Laser (Alex for short) 
  • The machine used is the Syneron Candela Gentle Max Pro
  • The machine is suitable for all skin types.
  • The price for laser hair removal session at Pulse Light Clinic is from £32
  • Treatment session are usually 4-6 week gap in-between

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